We have two communities, Hallmark on the Lake Independent Living, and Hallmark on the Park Assisted Living. The suites in each community are very similar, ranging from 450-1100 square feet, depending on the shape and configuration. Most Residents find them quite workable, very comfortable, and "just right".

At Hallmark on the Lake Independent Living, suites start from $2380 per month; pricing is subject to change, please ask Hardy for more information.  Of course, you have a long list of included amenities, like great meals, tidy housekeeping, activities, utilities and cable, landscaping, shuttle bus, and many more.

At Hallmark on the Park Assisted Living, you have an added hot breakfast every morning,round-the-clock access to friendly care from our Wellness Team, and an emergency pendant system. Suites start from $3000 per month; pricing is subject to change, please ask Hardy for more information.




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I can’t fit all my stuff in there!

Well, if you have a three-thousand-square-foot home now, no, you can't. But your friends or family members can help you downsize, slowly, at your own pace, saving and bringing the furnishings that are most important to you.  Some of our Residents have found that quite "freeing," but it is certainly challenging. We also have storage lockers available in both communities. And remember, at Hallmark you can enjoy dozens of unique community spaces, like the Cafe Du Monde coffee shop.

Cafe Du Monde Coffee Shop, Hallmark on the Lake

How do I host dinner guests?

Perhaps you love inviting your grandkids over for dinner, and hearing the chatter around your dinner table.  But the shopping, carrying, unloading, cooking, and just can't do it any more.

At Hallmark, you don't have to give up the hosting experience. We have a special Family Dining Room, which you can reserve for your dinner guests. Many folks enjoy regularly inviting their families over...and we look after the cooking and cleaning up. You look after the chatting.

  Family Dining Room, Hallmark on the Lake

Family Dining Room, Hallmark on the Lake

Which community should I choose?

Both our communities have similar suites, amenities, park views, meals, housekeeping, bus shuttle services, and more. In Independent Living, you're independent.  If your health needs increase, however, Assisted Living offers the added peace of mind of an emergency pendant system, which pages our on-site wellness team of nursing staff, for quick response, day or night. 

Town Square, Hallmark on the Lake

Do I have a private bathroom?

Absolutely. This is your home, so you have a private suite with your own key, and a private bathroom and shower. We don't have any shared suites or shared bathrooms.


Post Office, Hallmark on the Lake Town Square

Parkview Patios, Hallmark on the Lake

Can I cook for myself?

Many people ask that...but once they taste the great meals here, they don't want to cook for themselves any more. In Assisted Living, you have a kitchenette with a fridge, and microwave. In Independent Living, you also have a stove. Sometimes people decide to do breakfast on their own, but really, Hallmark meals are so good that you won't want to miss one.

Town Square, Hallmark on the Lake

So am I healthy enough for Independent Living?

When we meet you for a visit at Hallmark, we can chat with you about where you might fit.  If you can get around well by yourself, and don't need help with much, you're a good candidate. If you need help showering, or help with your medications, you will probably feel more at home in Assisted Living. If you need help getting in and out of bed, or help using the restroom, the health care system may require you to live in a higher-care environment elsewhere.

  Summer Flower Patio, Hallmark on the Lake

Summer Flower Patio, Hallmark on the Lake

Parkside Patios, Hallmark on the Lake

Can I move from independent living to assisted living?

Absolutely. If your needs change, we help make it easy to move from one community to the other. In fact, they are just around the corner from each other. Many Residents have found that this eases the transition, and you're not far from the friends you've made in independent living.

Preservation Hall Lounge, Hallmark on the Lake

Could I chat more with a real person?

You sure can. Please call us at the number below:


May I see the suite layouts?