Good food matters, right? Quality, variety, flavour...we all like something a little different.  At Hallmark, you'll be amazed at what our cooks dream up every day, which might be far different that what you've been eating at home. 

 Our cooks come up with tasty creations all the time, and love seeing the smiles on the faces of happy eaters.

At Hallmark on the Park Assisted Living, our menu features three hot meals each day, for those who like to start their days with a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs.

At Hallmark on the Lake Independent Living, our menu includes lunch and dinner, and most folks stop in at our coffee shop for a fresh blueberry muffin or scone each morning, along with the morning paper.

Some of our favourite lunches include mulligatawny soup, chicken caesar wraps, and fresh-baked butter tarts.

We host seasonal buffet brunches, which give Residents a chance to invite guests for something special.

At our Christmas Gala dinners, the Team goes above-and-beyond to invent magic.

And at a Hallmark tea party, there are always delectable desserts.

You won't find a TV dinner here anywhere.  Cooking for one is never fun, and many new Residents at Hallmark find their nutrition and health improves significantly, just by eating well.


At Hallmark on the Park, you might enjoy a breakfast featuring these: 

  • Cheese omelettes, blueberry pancakes, bacon, sausages, waffles with whipped cream, fruit danishes, toast and jam, yogourt, fresh-baked muffins, scones, and more.

At either community, you might enjoy a lunch featuring these:

  • Butternut squash soup, crab croissants, chicken caesar wraps, clubhouse sandwiches, pizzas, or your favourite comfort food like a hot dog, macaroni and cheese, or a beef dip.

At either community, you might enjoy a dinner featuring these:

  • BBQ ribs, beef souvlaki, roasted potatoes, asian vegetables, mashed potatoes, grilled salmon, buttered carrots, and an apple pie to finish.

If you have a suggestion, talk to our cooks, who have been known to invent amazing specialties.  We love to eat!