Conversations With Aging:

Waterguns and Wisdom

Over the years, we have met some very well-aged Hallmark Residents, who have shared nuggets of wisdom about life, aging, and the process of change that we all go through. We asked a few of them to go away with us for a weekend, to a bed-and-breakfast, and we talked about aging.

We brought along a film crew, to capture the unscripted weekend, and see what develops. Along the way, of course, we added butter tarts, driving all-terrain vehicles, potato guns, shooting practice, puzzles, and the stuff of a good family reunion.

The result is a profound 24-minute video, introducing you to seniors exploring life, loss, death, and aging, in a depth we don't often pause to consider. We have found that it impacts viewers of all ages, and we hope that it touches you.

  Flo and Ev, two of our film characters, at our film premiere.

Flo and Ev, two of our film characters, at our film premiere.

You can stop by Hallmark to pick up a complimentary DVD copy, at no charge. If you feel inclined to donate towards our service work in Guatemala, that would be much appreciated.

After you've watched the film, we would really appreciate your feedback, even in a short email to

You can click below to see a short preview: