Our Team works very hard to dream up extra-special touches, like flowers, entertainers, or day trips to amazing places.  We try to capture those special events in photos and videos, since many of our residents and families want to share them with far-away family and friends.  

After every special event at Hallmark, we print copies of our photos, and share them in our coffee shops. If you're in a photo, feel free to take it home. If your family is in the photo, we've printed a copy for them too. You can right-click and download the photos to print at home as well. They're here for you to enjoy.

Click on any of the photos below to see the gallery of that event. 

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Mother's Day is a special celebration for us, of course, with a brunch at Hallmark on the Lake.

And at Hallmark on the Park, Mother's Day is an afternoon tea, complete with roses too, of course.

Our Easter Brunch at Hallmark on the Park is a great time to enjoy a buffet breakfast, cooked to order, with your family and friends invited.

At Hallmark on the Lake, we host an Easter Brunch as well, with bacon, waffles, and other favourites.


Our Valentine's Day Tea at Hallmark on the Park is a comfortable way to enjoy dessert, live music, and wearing your finest red to celebrate the day.

And at Hallmark on the Lake, we celebrate with a Friendship Breakfast, appropriately stocked with bacon and other Valentine's Day favourites.

To fuel up for his long winter's night, Santa stops in each year at our Hallmark on the Park Christmas Gala, featuring a culinary spectacular and great music. Yes, that's a real beard.

Of course, Santa wouldn't miss a stop over at the Hallmark on the Lake Christmas Gala either. 

The Hallmark Car Show takes place every June, and our friendly car club owners bring out their finest for us to enjoy. We serve up hundreds of hamburgers and hot dogs to friends, family, and neighbours, with live music as well. You're invited!

At Hallmark on the Park, we dress up for Halloween, put together treat bags for the kids, and have a good laugh about the things that people dream up.

At Hallmark on the Lake, we have a Halloween costume party as well, hand out treats, and try to guess who is behind some of the mysterious costumes.

Many of our Residents remember riding horses, or often even riding horses to a one-room schoolhouse. We were invited up to Connie's house for a BBQ and horse riding recently.

Many of our Residents grew up in small towns or on farms, and they loved cooking hot dogs over a fire, and enjoying the quiet of the forest. A Springtime BBQ at a mountain home is a special flashback to those memories.

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This might be hard to believe, but we took a number of our Residents away for a weekend at a bed-and-breakfast, and talked about life, aging, loss, and joy. We also happened to eat a lot of butter tarts, shoot potato guns, ride quads, and have a generally excellent family reunion together. We brought along a film crew, and they captured the conversations, unscripted, as they happened. You can see a preview clip of the movie here:

If you'd like to see the full-length version, stop by either Hallmark, and we'll be happy to get you a complimentary DVD. You are welcome to make a donation to our service work in Guatemala if you'd like.