Our Team works very hard to dream up extra-special touches, like flowers, entertainers, or day trips to amazing places.  We try to capture those special events in photos and videos, since many of our Residents and families want to share them with far-away family and friends.  

After every special event at Hallmark, we print copies of our photos, and share them in our coffee shops. If you're in a photo, feel free to take it home. If your family is in the photo, we've printed a copy for them too. You can right-click and download the photos to print at home as well. They're here for you to enjoy.

Every June, we invite dozens of antique car owners to bring their cars to our Hallmark Car Show.  We hand-deliver invitations to the houses in the Hallmark neighbourhood, because we want to be good neighbours.  We serve hundreds of complimentary hamburgers, hot dogs, and ice creams, while enjoying good times and good music. Come see!

Click the video above to see our car show in action.

We recently hosted an Educational Day at Hallmark on the Lake, inviting service providers who offer innovative ideas, assistance, and technologies for seniors. We always have something to learn! 

Many of our Residents grew up in small towns or on farms, and they loved cooking hot dogs over a fire, and enjoying the quiet of the forest. A Springtime BBQ at a mountain home is a special flashback to those memories.

Mother's Day at Hallmark on the Park comes complete with fresh flowers, special desserts and teacups, and getting dressed to the nines in your finery best.

For Mother's Day at Hallmark on the Lake, we celebrate with a special brunch, and you can invite your family and friends.

Enjoying a special Hallmark on the Park Easter Brunch has become a great tradition. It's a delicious buffet, enjoyed with family and friends...and you don't have to cook or clean up. We take care of that.

You might be sensing that we like celebrating with great food. You are very intuitive. Yes, we love our Hallmark on the Lake Easter Brunch too. For many families, fighting restaurant traffic to take Grandma out for a meal on those special days is a real we just offer a low-stress, savoury version. Sounds good?

In the same way, as families, we like to get together for our Hallmark on the Park Valentine's Day, and as usual, those are tough days to find somewhere to go...that's not already lined up with other families thinking the same thing. So we pull out our very best china, our tea cup collection, and host a special "high tea" for residents and families.

Our Hallmark on the Lake Friendship Breakfast is a special brunch for Valentine's Day. We call it our "Friendship Breakfast", because many folks would rather focus on the positive of their friends who are here, rather than the significant other who isn't.

Christmas, of course, wouldn't be complete without Santa hosting his Christmas Gala at Hallmark on the Park. We go above and beyond for the biggest event of our year, with a multi-course taste extravaganza. Our gala-planning team discusses the menu options for months in advance, always attempting to outdo the previous year's masterpiece.

And at the Hallmark on the Lake Christmas Gala, the Christmas light decorations have become something of a phenomenon, setting the atmosphere when you walk in for the gala dinner. You won't believe your lucky Christmas trees.

When people turn 100 at Hallmark, we make sure we throw a real party to celebrate, like we did with for Evelyn's 100th Birthday, complete with visits from the mayor, and maybe even autographs from the Canucks?

Halloween at Hallmark on the Park is trademarked by some spectacular costumes, including clowns, hula dancers, bumblebees, pirates, and much more.

At Hallmark on the Lake's Halloween Costume Contest, we have some impressive winners.  One of our couples, George and Sarah, both dressed up as George, which has to be one of the most creative ideas yet.

Would you like to keep up-to-date with what's happening at Hallmark?

This might be hard to believe, but we took a number of our Residents away for a weekend at a bed-and-breakfast, and talked about life, aging, loss, and joy. We also happened to eat a lot of butter tarts, shoot potato guns, ride quads, and have a generally excellent family reunion together. We brought along a film crew, and they captured the conversations, unscripted, as they happened. You can see a preview clip of the movie here:

If you'd like to see the full-length version, stop by either Hallmark, and we'll be happy to get you a DVD.