About Us


Our vision is to offer people the freedom to be alive, in a community where age doesn't matter.


Think about that for a minute. A retirement home where people have freedom?

A retirement home where we want to feel alive, rather than wait to die?

Where the Team Members aren't impatient because you're 95, or because your eyes/ears/knees/organs don't work like they used to?

Where we can talk honestly and learn humorously about aging, because well, we're all in it together, sooner or later?


At Hallmark, we were one of the first in British Columbia to offer assisted living for seniors, not because we were experts to start, but because we believed that someone had to build a better way. A way that treated seniors as people. A way that offered respect to the aging, dignity to the sick, a buffer and a hand to the family caregivers, in an environment that was life-giving and exciting, not lifeless and hopeless.

This is a passion and a calling, and our Team Members come to Hallmark because they believe that health care can really be about caring.

You may be aging, but you still have the right to take risks, make your own choices, and live.

We will stand in the gap for you. Our customer is you, and we want you to work with us to keep constantly learning and improving.

I want to work here!

Glad you asked.  Click below for current employment opportunities with our fantastic Hallmark Team: